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Bess Chet Seafood, based out of Charleston Oregon, markets only the freshest and highest quality seafood available. All the seafood that I offer we catch on our boat, or buy from other local fisherman. I sell the seafood directly off the boat, deliver it personally, and ship it via Fed Ex and USPS. When we come in from fishing my signs go up and we sell our catch right off the vessel. For a few dollars more I deliver it up the I-5 corridor in Roseburg, Eugene, Albany/Corvallis, and Salem. Finally we ship our canned products anywhere in the world! When you purchase seafood direct from the fisherman you are helping to support coastal families, and communities.

F/V Bess Chet

Captain John Blanchard


Delivery Price List:

Dungeness Crab (live) $10 each

Dungeness Crab (cooked and cleaned) $12 each

Local Oysters in shell $9 doz. (any size)

Local Oysters $12 pint (about 15 smalls )

Case Canned Albacore Tuna $96 (24x7.5oz. cans)

Case Chinook Salmon $180 (24x7.5oz. cans)


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